Black Cat Cake.
Black Cat Cake. -


200 g of Chocolate El wejdene + 100 g.
50 g of flour.
1/2 sachet of yeast.
200 g of butter +1 nut for the mold.
100 g caster sugar.
3 eggs.
100 ml of liquid cream.
1 orange.
20 g SMARTIES Chocolate.
2 tablespoons of water.


-To make the black cat cake recipe, start by preheating your Th. 6 oven (200 ° C).
-Melt 200 g of chocolate in a bain-marie with butter and water.
-In a bowl, mix the eggs, sugar, flour and yeast. Pour the melted chocolate. Mix until a homogeneous paste is obtained.
-Pour the preparation in your buttered and floured pan.
-Bake about 20 minutes. Unmold your chocolate cake and let it cool on a pastry rack.
-In a small bowl, place 100 g of chocolate broken into pieces.
-In a small saucepan, boil the cream and then pour it over the chocolate. Cover and wait for about 1 minute, then mix with a fork to obtain a smooth chocolate. Coat your original cake with this preparation.
-Wash and cut the orange into rings with the skin.
-Draw the cat's head: For the eyes: 2 orange half-rings and 2 blue Smarties. For the eyelashes: small sticks cut in the orange peel of the unused rings. For the nose: Smarties For the mouth: half an orange slice. For whiskers: plant several lines of Smarties vertically on each side of the mouth.