Chocolate macaroons.
Chocolate macaroons. -


180 g egg whites (about 5 whites) (for cockles).
230 g sifted almond powder (for cockles).
250 g sifted icing sugar (for cockles).
20 g unsweetened cocoa powder (for cockles).
250 g caster sugar (for cockles).
65 g of water (for cockles).
360 g of El Wejdene chocolate (for the ganache).
40 g unsweetened cocoa powder (for the ganache).
140 g soft butter (for the ganache).
400 g of liquid cream 30% fat (for the ganache).


-Prepare the ganache.
-Boil the cream. Remove from the heat as soon as it boils.
-Pour over the chocolate pieces and the cocoa powder.
-Let the chocolate melt for 1 or 2 minutes, then mix.
-Add the butter cut into pieces. Mix.
-Film on contact and put in the refrigerator.
-Make your shells.
-Mix the almond powder, icing sugar, cocoa powder and 80-90 g of white in a large bowl. You should get a compact dough.
-Start mounting the rest of the snow white in your robot at speed 4 of 6.
-At the same time, boil the water and powdered sugar. When the syrup is at 118 degrees (or there are small bubbles completely covering the surface), drizzle it over your egg whites while continuing to whisk.
-Keep whipping until the mixture drops below 50 degrees (you should be able to put your hands on the bowl without burning yourself).
-Then add a large spoon of this meringue to your chocolate almond paste and mix with a spatula to relax the dough.
-Then add 1/3 of the rest and macaron.
-Then add the second third of meringue and macaron.
-Add the last third.
-Continue to gently macaronise. Stop from time to time. When the dough becomes smooth and the grooves or shapes made by the spatula fade, your dough is ready. Be careful, if you mix too much, the preparation will not take place and you will not have the expected result.
-Pouch your macaroons on a plate for a sheet of parchment paper, leaving a little space.
-Let it crust 30 minutes.
-Preheat your oven to 170 degrees.
-Cook plate by plate 20 minutes.
-At the exit of the oven, place your shells on a grid so that they cool.
-Put the ganache in a pastry bag with a round tip and pocket the ganache on half of the shells.
-Dispose a shell over it.
- Keep cool at least 48 hours in an airtight container.