Chocolate brioches.
Chocolate brioches. -


1 cup of milk (200 ml).
1/2 cup of water (100 ml).
2 and a half tablespoons of butter (60 g).
3 tablespoon of sugar (60 g).
1 spoon of bread yeast.
1 egg.
About 550 g of flour.
Chocolate spread Taste it El wejdene.


-In a bowl on heat, put the milk, water and butter until it melts (the mixture is hot).
-In a bowl, put half the flour, sugar, yeast and eggs.
-Add the mixture of milk, water and butter and mix with your hand, gradually adding the rest of the flour and salt until you get a very soft dough (stick in your hand).
- Rub it lightly to soften, cover and let double the volume.
-We form small balls, open them by hand, put chocolate spread, close it, put it in a tray, and let it brew.
-Paint the face with egg yolks, a little milk, diced sesame and cook until the face turns red.