Choomoist cake
Choomoist cake -

    * the 1st layer:

02 eggs.
1/2 glass of sugar.
1/2 glass of milk.
1/2 glass of oil.
01 glass of flour.
01 tablespoon cocoa powder.
01 sachet of baking powder.

    * the 2nd layer:

1/2 L of milk.
02 sachet of caramel flan.
10 units of BIMO cookie.
01 teaspoon of Nescafé.
01 box of 35% fat liquid cream.

    * the 3rd layer:

100 g of dark chocolate El Wejdene.
100 g of fresh cream special cakes.
or 01 jar of yogurt cream dessert.


    * the 1st layer:

-Heat the oven to 180 °.
-In a container we put the eggs, sugar, oil and milk we mix them well and we add the flour, cocoa and baking powder well sifted.
-We chose a mold that opens from the sides; the oiled and floured well.
-It puts the mixture in the mold and is cooked.
-Once baked, the cake is left to cool and the mold is not opened.

    * the 2nd layer:

-In a saucepan we put the milk, the custard, the powder of Nescafé, mix well and we put it on fire until boiling.
-In a container we put the crème fraiche and the soft Bimo.
-Once the custard mixture, milk is cooked we add it to the crème fraiche and Bimo and we mix it with the mixer arm.
-pour the mixture on the 1st layer and let it cool.
    * the 3rd layer:

-Melt the chocolate and add the yogurt cream dessert.
-Or well we cut the chocolate into pieces and add the hot cream in high heat and mix until we have a smooth mixture.
-We put this mixture on the second layer.
-Leave the cake cooled minimum 2 hours.