Small oven.
Small oven. -


1 kg of flour.
750 gr of butter.
5 eggs.
370 g caster sugar.
01 teaspoon vanilla powder or liquid.
White and milk chocolate El wejdene.
Nuts (optional).


First of all, the butter must be at room temperature, not be rigid and placed in a blender using a ribbon racket.
- Add sugar, also vanilla, and lighten the mixer, to make the butter very light and double its quantity
We put the eggs in two stages and mix well, replace the strip with the palm palette and add the flour to the mixture and stir to homogenize the mixture to produce a very smooth and soft mixture like cream.
We put the mixture in the personalized bag and start the pouring process, we do not need to put sheets and a small distance should be left between the beads. And you can train it in any shape as you like. You can put it directly on the oven. It does not need a period of time before baking at 190 degrees for about 13 minutes, until it becomes a light golden color.
Let cool and stir and put the chocolate.